Flower Enamel Pin Set

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'Flower Nipple' and 'The Yellow Flower' both packed together in a set!

Embracing the seductiveness of being naked and playfully accepting the shape of your body. Seduce yourself, love yourself! 'Flower Nipple' enamel pins are 30mm tall. They are made of two different shades of pink and light brown with a gold metal linework. Each pin has a rubber clutch closure.

Flowers are a feminine token. Yellow symbolises joy, protection against envious lovers and mature love. A yellow flower is a symbol of friendship, joy and wisdom.
Brighten your mood or someone else's with this yellow flower. Embrace your friendships, your feelings and your achievements! 'The Yellow Flower' enamel pin is 25mm at it's widest. They are soft yellow and white with gold metal lifework. Each pin has a rubber clutch closure.