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The story behind the cosmo

The story behind the cosmo

I've always been a cocktail girl; sipping buckets of Mai Thai in Thailand or downing mojitos at the local tiki bar. Although I was an all-round cocktail fan; I'd never had a Cosmopolitan until quite recently. 

My very first encounter with a cosmo was a few months ago while I was visiting friends in Glasgow. I had seen them post gorgeous pink drinks on their Instagram feed and was left not only jealous, but intrigued. It was pretty, classy and I was sure it would make me feel like Carrie Bradshaw. I needed to try it! 

We were sat in an old-fashioned pub with beautiful round marble tables finished with a gold lining. We ordered our drinks and in love I fell. 

Our new 'Let's bond over cosmos' pin tells a small story about girls sitting; chatting and bonding while enjoying this gracious pink drink that will make them all tipsy after a few sips. So girls; LET'S BOND OVER SOME COSMOS!

Photo taken by my husband Onne van Dixhoorn while we were sitting at The Chelsea in Glasgow. Hanging on our bar stools, drinking cocktails and chatting with the barman that made me several varieties of a cosmopolitan. 

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