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The world seems to be getting bigger and bigger with all the information we obtain, experiences we have, connections we make and goals we undertake. Everything seems to be at our grasp and yet it doesn't. Some things we can influence ourselves and other issues are completely out of our might. One of the powerful concepts I wish to speak about today is the notion of Sisterhood; an ever expanding, fluid and consciously growing community, which we take part of as females of the world. I do not wish to exclude men in any sense, yet, just as they have Brotherhood, with their notion of friendship, their bro-codes and means of interacting, us women have Sisterhood as a great part of our lives. 

Some women may be more aware of it than others but are all influenced by it one-way or another. We are all born into the "sacred" bond of sisterhood, friendship, sodality, unity, sorority, although it does require patience, interest and reciprocity over time. Due to decades of fighting for women’s rights we are now able to vote, to work, to have paid motherhood leave, etcetera. Due to a loving hand and pep talk from a mother, aunt or female friend you might have gained the courage to really pursue your dreams. Due to a friendly smile from a fellow female student, your first day at school or work wasn't as tough as you pictured it would be. 

But why does it seem that we more often scrutinize each other? Criticize each other? Judge each other? Imply with each other? Fight with each other? No woman is alike and we should celebrate those differences instead of seeing them as obstacles or ways to be rude and mean. Does she have a big nose? Does she wear way too short skirts? Is she too boyish? She doesn’t want children? Or she does? So many issues come up when women talk about each other amongst themselves. Feminism, according to the Urban Dictionary, is “the belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men.” As much as I agree with this statement, I wish to add that women should also see other women as intellectual equals and social equals without any type or sort of discrimination.

In an amazing article written by Sophia Nelson in the Huffington Post entitled ‘Time to put the Sister back in Sisterhood’, she makes a small list of essentials on how women should treat each other:

✓ Be kind; what comes goes around.
✓ Be patient; support and encourage.
✓ Communicate; don’t gossip and trash talk.
✓ Be empathetic; relate, forgive, understand.
✓ Don’t be a hypocrite; you’re not better than anyone else.

It all boils down to love, understanding, a helping hand and treating other women the way you yourself wish to be treated. We are all involved in this bond and always will be so we should do something about it right here, right now.

Photo's by Joseph Maddon for Solstice Intimates

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