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Saturday the 23rd of July 2017 we launched our first zine // OUT LOUD Zine Issue01 at Het Industriegebouw in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

After working on several collaborations and launching enamel pin collections, this next step to launch a zine was a easy decision to make. As an obsessive magazine hoarder and lover of pretty things, it became obvious for me that I wanted to translate this online platform into a physical booklet that people could grab, read and keep as decoration on their coffee table. Featuring incredibly talented photographers, illustrators, writers and all-round inspiring people I've met both on- and offline. 

With creating a physical zine comes launching it at an actual party. We had the most beautiful unused store space giving it a gallery feeling. We filled the fridge with wine and had ourselves a party! To give the launch an extra experience we exposed a selection of photographs and illustrations by Mariska Kerpel, Onne van Dixhoorn and Maite Prince that were connected to the zine and two columnists read their stories that we published. This afternoon was one of a kind and many more people came than I ever had expected. It was an Instagram reunion of sorts, meeting so many faces I was costumed to like on social media. I am very grateful for this little community we created and all the help I got from fellow small-business owners and friends; this sisterhood movement and the support towards one another is truly magical. 

Shop our OUT LOUD Zine Issue01 here.

Aftermovie by Jordi Salanova

OUT LOUD Zine Issue01 Launch from OUT LOUD Studio on Vimeo.





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