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OUT LOUD Studio's 6 month anniversary - Talking plans and achievements

OUT LOUD Studio's 6 month anniversary - Talking plans and achievements

Today officially marks OUT LOUD Studio’s six month anniversary and I’m doing a little celebratory dance because I feel that I have achieved much more than I expected.

Starting a business is stumbling, failing and learning from every misstep you make; teaching you to become better and better. It’s been hard juggling a full-time job with a growing business but it’s been inspiring to be part of a community that is so welcoming, accepting and helpful. The whole concept behind OUT LOUD Studio is about acceptance. Acceptance towards one another but also towards yourself, giving you the chance to get to know yourself a little better and building a loving relationship with yourself. I’ve been on this journey just as much as anyone, having to apply a lot of lessons I tend to preach on myself. I have bad days just like anyone, but what I have learned through interviewing so many amazing women is that having a bad day is not shameful. What are good days if you don’t have the bad?

I’ve connected with people and businesses that have helped me with no strings attached, opening a new world of doing business. Instead of seeing each other as competition, this small community embraces the similarities and promotes each other’s work almost as if it’s their own. I’ve learned that everything is worth asking for; this balsy way of storming through the world has opened up opportunities for me to speak with people I would never have come in contact with. The biggest life lesson for me was that life truly is limitless; you are the only person limiting yourself.

I started this project with an idea and a plan, but who or what was OUT LOUD Studio? I got to know my own business better and see it grow into it’s own identity. It’s far from perfect and I have so many more goals to achieve, but for now I’m content. OUT LOUD Studio has been doing what it was created for; bringing people together and create a sense of belonging.

 I’m proud to announce that OUT LOUD Studio has flowered into a new identity that will be presented to you on October the 18th. From then on this business will step up it’s game just a notch; not only re-branding but launching a new and improved website, welcoming columnists, in-house illustrators and working on launching even more awesome products and setting up bad-ass editorial shoots.



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Dec 16, 2017

I’m so excited! I just found OUT LOUD Studio and it’s incredible. It literally blows my mind, this is exactly what I needed to find. Thank you for being brave enough to start something as such, I love that you’re bringing people together and spreading empowerment. I found you through VNTG’s store since they sell your pins! I love their company and yours is so so great too, I’m SO glad I found you!! ✨

Katja Ankone

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