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Newsletter 02 - March

Newsletter 02 - March

Issue 02 - Pregnancy, Yoni sculptures and collaboration announcements

A month has past since our last newsletter and goshhh I was so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback. Thanks so much for sticking around and reading these little compiled stories I have to tell. This issue is all about my journey as a pregnant woman and how it has gone so far *officially 20 weeks today*. We also talk to Project Wallflower, a small business we adore that sculpt yonis and fight to break down stigmas surrounding the expectations of vaginas. To conclude this months newsletter I will introduce No Normal Girls - an Australian body positive clothing brand that's hand designed and screen printed by theirs truly. OUT LOUD Studio and No Normal Girls are working together on launching a collaboration in these upcoming months. SO EXCITING!



What an odd and magical adventure being pregnant actually is. 
Our journey has been bumpy - we weren't gifted with a baby as quickly as we would have hoped. Over a year of monthly disappointments and two early on miscarriages, I still wouldn't have wanted it any sooner or any other way. This path was set for a reason and now I feel more ready than ever. I'm ready to become a mother. 

You can think you will know exactly what pregnancy is like and know what to expect - but every week I'm shocked at how my body is changing for the growth of a tiny human inside of me. I literally feel my belly growing overnight and wake up with a bigger bump than the day before. WHAT? I'm currently visiting the toilet every 15 minutes, getting eczema spots in my face, my back feels like I'm a retired paver and I have the biggest struggle in putting an outfit together that I fit and kinda look good in. It's not all glitter and unicorns - but my excitement and happiness could definitely get me shitting rainbows at this point! 

Juggling OUT LOUD Studio with a 30hour a week job + social life, husband and being pregnant has been a little overwhelming to be honest. I haven't been able to get this project I love intensely to move forward on the pace I was hoping for, but I learnt a little lesson with my last column. Sometimes it's better to take a step back and reevaluate or set a different pace for the growth of your company, and I'm OK with that. In these first three months of 2018 I wanted new products online, more newsletters, our new zine almost ready and wanted to organize an event to celebrate our first birthday. But things just go differently than expected, I guess that's a little thing called life. 

Priorities in my life are shifting and, starting this summer, I will finally have more time to spend on OUT LOUD while cradling a baby. So yes, there will be newsletters, new zine launches, new products, collaborations and events. It will all happen this year! But it will all happen on my pace and I hope you will all be here for the ride!

For this issue I had a little chat with Project Wallflower - Demi & Mel are a couple dedicating themselves to show proof of the actual diversity among yoni. They sculpt beautiful pieces of art that are copies of women's vaginas - I myself got my yoni sculpted and am SO PLEASED with the outcome. 

How and when did you decide to begin Project Wallflower and what was the inspiration behind the concept? 

It all started about a year ago, we sculpted a yoni for fun with Demi being my model. We uploaded the sculpture to instagram and not long after that we received our first request for sculpting someone’s yoni. One year later,  we’re sculpting Wallflowers (our main product, a 7cm/3.75” size yoni with the possibility to hang on your wall) for people all over the globe.
During this year our mission statement grew organically into becoming a platform that shows proof of the actual diversity amongst yoni.

To explain our usage of the word ‘yoni’. We use it instead of vulva or pussy. Simply because we came to a point in our live’s where our kids started showing an interest in the human body and the naming of parts. We chose the word yoni, Sanskrit for "womb", "uterus", "vagina", "vulva", or "source”. It’s a stylized representation of the female genitalia plus it has a friendly and respectful sound to it as well :)

You guys are creating a discussion that is extremely interesting and important to have. No woman should be ashamed of their vagina. Do you feel that this is still a taboo discussion and do you find that women are comfortable to talk about their vaginas? 

Well to many people it (still) is a taboo, you don’t talk about, be proud of, or for example have your yoni sculpted. To those our Project is probably somewhere between weird and inappropriate. – The people that do come to us are usually at a point of being comfortable enough talking about their yoni. Having your yoni sculpted into a Wallflower does require a yoni-selfie, which takes a certain level of self-consciousness in the first place. That does not mean we don’t understand the people who don’t feel good or secure talking about their yoni. It’s something that takes time, body positivity, gender neutrality/equality, it’s a social evolution, revolution for my part.

You have launched several projects including Mama Labia & Goldy Lips. Could you tell us more about these projects and what your aim is?

Our main focus as Project Wallflower is to show the diversity of yoni, large labia, uneven labia, small to very little labia and so on. -There is no, absolutely no standard. The themed projects we’ve launched this year; Flower Power, Mama Labia and Goldy Lips are like captions in a story about diversity. 

For ‘Flower Power’ we asked performers in porn to participate so we could literally show that yoni in porn are just as diverse as within any other group of random people. With ‘Mama Labia’ we’ve asked mothers who gave vaginal birth to participate, for the obvious reason that we wanted to take away the fear of your yoni looking different after you’ve given birth. And for our latest ‘Goldy Lips’ we gathered a few of our recent commissions who placed their order including a wish for ‘gold’ coated labia. 

Everything we do within Project Wallflower will always be about having you embrace diversity, breaking stigma, getting rid of prejudgement and hoping to free minds and make people feel less insecure or afraid about what their body “should” look like according to non existing standards. 

Do you guys have any further exciting plans coming up?

Well, there will certainly be more themed projects coming up. Some will contain a message, some will be purely about the display of diversity. We’re also looking into taking Project Wallflower offline, as in expositions, workshops, etcetera. Hmm and probably some other things that will pop up along the way :)

Project Wallflower has offered all our newsletter readers a 35% discount - valid through the 25th of March till the 25th of April.
Use code OUTLOUD at checkout.
Always wanted to get your yoni sculpted? GO GRAB YOUR CHANCE! 


No Normal Girls

 For the past little while we have been working closely with Australian based body positive brand No Normal Girls on some special little goodies that are well on their way. So excited to announce this collaboration - now I can't wait to share some sneak previews *sorry, maybe next time!* 

No Normal Girls a.k.a Olivia is a silk screen printer from Melbourne who wants to use her practice for positive purposes. The brand is about supporting and empowering females celebrating the abnormalities that make us all uniquely different in our own way. You will find that their designs are sensual, artistic and relatable. Olivia works from a small studio surrounded by plants, music and many other inspiring women. She aims aim make her clothes appealing to all genders and occasions but also available for every day lounging and 'shitty days'. 

Little secret: we are launching 4 enamel pins and a t-shirt. STAY TUNED!

Love from OUT LOUD Studio


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