Talking OUT LOUD

Mean Girls

Girl-on-girl hate. The female gender is known to be generally mean towards one another. It starts as toddlers, then teenagers and in adulthood women are still hating. Where is this coming from?

If a woman is pretty and takes care of her appearance she is a bitch 'cause she looks too good. If a woman is in a happy relationship and glows then she must be retarded 'cause a perfect relationship doesn't exist. One being too fat, the other too skinny. Women seem to look at each other and feel intimidated instead of seeing the beauty in differences.

I have had my fair share of female complications, being the reason why I used to find it so much easier to hang out with guys. I confess that I too have been hateful towards other women out of jealousy, I think everybody is guilty when it comes to this subject. The insecure feeling sometimes brings out the worst in you. But do you eventually feel better by degrading someone else? Hell no! 99% of the time it makes you feel superior for (maybe) a second and then shittier then you felt in the first place. Lift each other up instead of tearing someone down, it will work miracles both ways. 

Be a human Wonderbra and lift, support and make each other feel bigger and better because girls, together we can do anything!

Be happy for someone else, laugh together and be nice! There are so many awesome, inspiring women out there it shouldn't be hard. I bet your own life will become way more fun if you are overall a positive person. 



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