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Ice Queen

Ice Queen

We all know the type of women who present themselves as harsh and cold as ice. They are constantly talking about how they give ‘zero’ fucks about other people their opinions, they ‘can’t talk about their feelings’, even better, they don’t have them. This woman is single, ‘teases men’ and lets nobody fool her. She is one hell of a ‘tough girl’.

It seems like some kind of escalated trend, pretending to be super strong and, dear lord, don’t show your true self. I can’t help but wonder, why are we doing this? Us women? This current generation is more under pressure than ever, every time we check our social media the ideal woman shows up. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t look like her. Although society is asking this from me. We live in a world where people make a lot of money because of the insecurities of others. The thing that scares me the most is the thought that us women, the real ones, will be feeling forgotten because of those unreachable standards. This is where the breaking point is because at that point we want to be someone else instead of ourselves.

Being an ice queen makes a couple of things easier. For example, in this case you don’t have to show your insecurities, everybody thinks you have everything under control. People see you as a dare devil which makes you interesting; they think you live in some sort of surreal world where you are the queen of all. You basically don’t need to show the whole version of yourself, just a small part of you which suits your mood and makes you feel comfortable. The most important thing for you about this is that you don’t let people in, which causes the effect of making sure nobody could ever hurt you. It becomes your safe place.

But honestly, I get it. Even better, I do this way too often myself. Sometimes it’s just so wonderful to pretend to be a bit more interesting than the girl who sits at home in pink pajama pants with some chocolate ice cream. But to have to pretend that every single day is a bit too much, if you ask me. I had this struggle myself, the struggle of finding my place in the city where I live, being liked by certain people, feeling pretty and all of that. People think being a tough girl is attractive, sexy and interesting, but from my point of view, being strong and independent is! Otherwise you’re just a bitch with an attitude.

Us girls, we have feelings, a lot of them. It’s very true that we have some girls that are a little more soft and others a little more tough. Thank you baby Jesus, just imagine how boring it would all be if we were all the same. But how beautiful is it to be vulnerable sometimes, to show your soft parts too. You don’t have to show this to everybody, just make a selection of good people and surround yourself with them to have those true moments. ‘Cause at the end of the day everybody will just get tired of your shitty attitude and big mouth. 

Be a little more soft honey, it looks good on you.


Written by Rosa Stil


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